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you should also probably start getting your costume together.


Best. Candy corn. Ever. 

Best. Candy corn. Ever. 

You should probably start eating candy soon. 

ps. apparently this video doesn’t work. But, if you click on the link right below, you will be able to watch it at youtube. 


Pumpkin times

It’s almost Halloween. Which means it’s then coming up on Thanksgiving. Which means it is now time for all things pumpkin. Jack O’lanterns, pumpkin pie, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin juice, pumpkin eggnog.

This is a good thing. I love pumpkin. ALL THINGS PUMPKIN. I love pumpkin patches. I love the color of pumpkins (orange). I love the shape of pumpkins. I love pumpkin seeds. I love carving pumpkins.

So, go carve a pumpkin and eat some pie. It’s really fun.

ps. type the word “pumpkin” 20 times and tell me it’s not a freaky looking word.

Happy Halloween! (in 6 days.)


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